Jilin satellite TV is a comprehensive satellite channel of Jilin radio and television station, referred to as jltv-1, formerly a set of Jilin TV station.

Jilin satellite TV is positioned as a comprehensive news channel. Based on the cultural soil of the northeast region, it strengthens the characteristics of comprehensive news channel, increases the integration of entertainment elements, and strives to build a regional strong media. It has been ranked among the top 10 provincial satellite TV stations in China for three consecutive years. Jilin satellite TV has been in 21 provincial capital cities, covering a population of more than 200 million.

Due to the continuous strengthening of quality consciousness, the brand influence of Jilin TV station is increasing. The columns of "rural club" and "home" were rated as national excellent columns, and the columns of Jilin news broadcast, law in action, home, four seasons in the countryside, watching the city and recent news were successively rated as excellent columns in the evaluation of provincial excellent columns. "Four seasons in the countryside" is well received by the farmers inside and outside the province; the audience of "watch the city" and other columns continues to rise; the TV series "Liu Laogen" won the outstanding works of the Ninth "five one project" of spiritual civilization construction of the Propaganda Department of the central Committee.

Jilin TV station is an important window to look at the situation, people and customs of Jilin Province, look at the four seasons, customs and exchanges in Northeast Asia. It is not only a guide for people to understand Jilin TV station, but also expands the communication space between the audience and TV. With rich information content, thoughtful information service, harmonious communication atmosphere and flexible on-demand mode, Jilin TV station has once again sublimated its own cultural characteristics by virtue of Internet, fully improved its existing advantages under the era theme of information exchange and resource sharing, promoted Jilin characteristics in an all-round way, and made great efforts to build Jilin TV's "Northeast Asia" brand.